All You Need to Know About the Arctic Cat Prowler Pro

The Arctic Cat Prowler Pro is the perfect example of strength. It is a powerful vehicle contributing to the rich legacy of Textron vehicles. The new modifications that have been made make it all the more attractive.

This new technology utility vehicle is being sold by Canada’s third-largest vehicle dealer, Performance NC. Performance NC has been providing a wide range of recreational products, parts, accessories and maintenance of vehicles. You can visit their site at

Specifications of Arctic Cat Prowler Pro

The specifications of the new Arctic Cat Prowler Pro are as follows.

  • Noise-reducing design: The Prowler Pro starts with minimum to no sound at all and remains the same even during the ride. It has a whisper-quiet gas engine with 812cc and a sound-hiding deign, vibration-reducing frame, an exhaust system made with precision, and lastly, a rear-mounted engine that reduces noise and vibration.
  • Sound-dampening intake design: This means that the design helps in reducing the sound made by the engine.
  • Rear-mounted engine: A rear-mounted engine is positioned in a way that lowers the unnecessary noise.
  • Precision-tuned exhaust system: This exhaust system is also designed to reduce the extra noise.
  • Work-ready: The machine has a 2000 lb. towing capacity, 1000lb. capacity with a cargo box, 1500 payload capacity. Furthermore, there are adjustable driver seats that are easy to maintain and upgrade.
  • 3-person bench seating: The increased seating capacity is more suitable for group trips and activities.
  • Increased storage: The built-in storage space of 17.95cu ft. of storage, 14.72 cu. Ft. cargo box, additional compartments, glove compartments, and behind-the-seat storage help provide plenty of space for storing any belongings.
  • Removable passenger seats: The number of seats can be removed or added according to the number of passengers.

  • Customizable modular design: The vehicle has extra accessories that can be used to modify the design of the vehicle according to personal tastes.
  • Suspension and handling – It has 10 in. front suspension and a 9.5 in rear suspension travel, Pro-terrain 26 in. front and rear tired and 10.75 in ground clearance.
  • Reliability: The vehicle has been built with precision using the Textron engineering. Furthermore, it has been tested in harsh conditions for over 1000 hours.
  • Digital instruments: It contains a digital gauge, speedometer, odometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, gear indicator, battery indicator lights, and dc outlets.


In conclusion, the features mentioned above make this model a reliable source of transportation during the fun and adventurous family activities.

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