When is the Ideal Time to Get Your Car Brakes Replaced?

Making sure that the brake pads are in a top notch state and getting them replaced at the ideal time helps in saving money in the long run as well as saving your vehicle and even your life in an accident. But the gist here is when is the ideal time to get your brake pads replaced? Just like the gas mileage tends to differ on the basis of where and how you drive, so does the durability of your brake pads, the friction material that is pushed against the metallic disk for controlling or stopping the vehicle. There are many factors that determine the lifetime of your brake pads. If you feel that the brake pads of your vehicle are not working well, visit the 2020 Chrysler Pacifica dealer miami service center to get it fixed.

Why are your brakes squealing?

If you drive only 8000 miles in a year, but you live in a crowded place, then you may have to get the brake pads replaced. Know that the brakes are used more in an urban setting when compared to the rural highways. Unfortunately, there may be no fixed time to get your brake pads replaced, so always ask an experienced mechanic for the same. Many would recommend you to get your tires rotated twice a year. They will also check the thickness of the pads and the condition of the calipers or drums to detect the wear and tear.

Many cars also come equipped with wear sensors that would just jam against the brake disc when the pads need to be replaced. The driver may also be able to hear a screech when a brake is applied. Many cars also have electronic wear indicators that make a driver aware of a dashboard warning if the pads are the least thick, but this only happens in exclusive luxury cars. So always rely on the regular brake maintenance checkups rather than assuming that your car is in a good state.

The sensors don’t come equipped in every vehicle so drivers must always be wary of the screeching sounds. If you sense that a brake pedal is thudding even under light braking, then the disc is either worn off or damaged. If the steering wheel is jerking or the car goes to one side when you brake, then the front pad is damaged. When you apply brake and your foot goes down further, you need to take your car to a mechanic immediately. Many cars also come with a brake warning light that flashes up when you start the car, if it turns on while you are driving, means there is a lack of fluid because of leak or some other issue.

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