4 Common Problems Every Mercedes Benz Goes Through

Every Mercedes Benz faces a common set of problems that need a touch of repair every now and then. This article enlists the issues commonly seen in Mercedes models like C Class, E Class, S Class, SLK, CLK, GL, ML, GLK, and CLS. If you confront any of the following issues, you can take them to repair services for Mercedes Brand cars in Denver.

  1. Engine and transmission mounts

These parts on a modern Mercedes Benz are usually filled with liquid. The gist of these mounts is to stabilize your engine and transmissions and mounted to your Mercedes Benz chassis while keeping the vibration at bay from being transmitted to the passenger cabin. In the obsolete MB models, these were made of solid rubber, and their failure was inevitable. You may also feel a huge kick or thumb when you step on the gas. When it comes to the liquid filled mounts, the failure comes up gradually with the increasing vibrations in the seat, cabin, and steering wheel. Engines and transmissions mounts must always be inspected every 7 years and after 80000 miles of age.

  1. Steering and suspension parts

The tie rods, ball joints, sway bar links, and control arm bushings on the MBs usually wear out after 5 years and after 60000 miles. These parts are the anchors of your suspension items and let them move with the springs and the wheels when riding on the road surface. Usually, when you start observing extra tire wear and the wheel and steering alignment doesn’t feel straight anymore, you will find steering and suspension part failures that should be addressed first before aligning your Benz.

  1. Window regulators

They are responsible for raising and lowering your windows in your car when you press the window switch. Since the 90s, MBs have been using the plastic pulleys and spools, which are operated by an electric motor for winding a braided metal wire, which is attached to your window for raising and lowering. Usually, it is the plastic parts that fail from age and usage, and hence the window replacement unit needs to be replaced.

  1. Air suspension and AirMatic parts

The S Class W220 chassis of MB and the latest E Class W211 were the earliest models to use the AirMatic suspension. The system of the latter makes the use of the airbags instead of regular coil springs on the Mercedes suspensions. They are made as a single unit with the shock absorber and are usually Air Struts. Controlling the suspension is a complicated system of valves, pumps, tubing, and computer controls.

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