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Points to remember while choosing the best engine oil for diesel cars

Humans and machines are different in so many ways, but there are certain traits that we share in common. Just like we have a heart that helps us stay alive by pumping blood, the Engine of a car does the same. And like blood, engine oil is the fluid that pumps through the engine in order to ensure the smooth functioning of your car and in turn prolonging its life. To know more about engine oil and characteristics of the best engine oil for diesel cars, keep reading.

Now, what is Engine oil? Commonly known as a lubricant, engine oil is a semi-solid or liquid substance that consists of chemical compounds that are synthesized from petroleum and non-petroleum products. The motor parts move to turn fuel into energy, and their movement causes friction. Engine oil acts as a lubricant for the motor parts of an engine and creates a slick film around these parts. The viscous nature of engine oil deals with the friction created because of these parts and in turn reduces the risk of wear and tear. Another quality of engine oil is that it reduces the risk of corrosion by keeping the motor parts in a wet state at all times. Engine oil also removes any sort of carbon formation on the motor parts and acts as a cleaning agent by removing contaminants that might slow down the engine and reduce its efficiency. It also helps in cooling down the engine as it absorbs the heat dissipated by the motor parts which in turn reduces the temperature of the engine.

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Now, the process of changing engine oil for diesel as well as petrol cars is quite similar. The only thing that is different is the engine oil used. The best engine oil for diesel cars is the one that has the most recent API classification code. The codes have changed over the years, from CA to CB to CC and these oils come in different viscosity grades which tell you about the weight of oil and the temperature conditions under which it will flow.

Make sure that you change your engine oil on a regular basis, as it gets contaminated over time and that affects the functioning of your engine. In the case of diesel cars, the engine oil gets contaminated rather quickly because of extreme heat and high pressure. So make sure that you choose the best engine oil for petrol cars or diesel cars whenever you change your engine oil and enhance the longevity and efficiency of your machine.

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