What Makes Genesis a Special Luxury Brand

Genesis as a luxury brand, branching out from Hyundai could make its own place by striking the perfect balance between the demands of the market met by the feasibilities achieved by the latest technological innovations. One of the experienced technicians of the Malvern Genesis dealer says, there are much more to explain the above said point that complete the answer to the question, what makes Genesis a special luxury brand.

Safety is Priority

Built with the most advanced High Strength Steel in combination with the intelligent safety technology, Genesis cars will never fail to provide the best possible protection. That makes the Genesis brand secure a constant position as a Top Safety Pick by the IIHS and NHTSA.

Luxuriating Design with Athletic Elegance

Genesis vehicles will never fail to captivate your attention through their unique shape and distinctive design language. The signature crest grille that often wears a hexagonal shape will stand as a symbol of luxury and for the confidence that the brand has achieved through its hard work. Genesis cars will always show up as a result of precise craftsmanship that comes from serious and meticulous attention to every detail. That is why you get to see an unparalleled level of tasteful refinement in every Genesis model that endow an appeal of modernity and of timeless beauty. At the same time, the strength and durability will speak through the design that is curved to display athletic elegance.

Uncompromised Quality of Genuine Materials

A brand that focuses mainly on luxury needs to pay loads of attention to the materials. This is so because the materials used in a car will decide how they will feel when touched, how long they would endure everyday usage, and finally how long they would look good, besides serving the purpose. So Genesis rewards its users with the rich and luxurious textiles that make the senses feel good and pampered. The very basic upholstery materials that are used by Genesis are Nappa leather and trims using real wood.

Genesis vehicles are made to last a lifetime. Designed to give its users a stress-free experience through the journeys, Genesis maintains a top-tier quality that will make things last throughout the lifespan of the ownership.

Refined Performance for Luxurious Ride Experience

Enter any Genesis cabin and experience a refined sanctuary that endorses peace of silence. All the cabins of Genesis will be exceptionally quiet to ensure every single moment spent inside will be peaceful and satisfying. The brainstormers at Genesis are involved in a relentless pursuit of trying newer combinations to achieve better harmonizing performance keeping comfort of the car occupants to be its primary goal. For the drives, the Genesis will always remain friendly with their smooth and highly responsive acceleration and at the same time a powerful, yet linear braking system will ensure the driver to feel confident even while driving at high speeds.

Satisfactory Customer Experience

At the same Genesis dealer Malvern, we were explained that when they say luxury, they mean it. And luxury indicates anything that doesn’t involve any stressful experience. At Genesis, the staff keeps exploring various ways to make their customers feel valued, obeyed and above all, understood.

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