Why Buying Brand New When It Comes To Cars Are Best

It is quite common to see across all manner of platforms those people that preach stuff like buying a brand new car is the worst decision financially you can make. This is actually a very broad brush stroke that cannot be applied to all. In fact, saying that buying used cars are best is a generalization that is exactly that, it is simply not true for everyone and is extremely short-sighted at best. Cars are everywhere and you can literally get them from anywhere you are. As you sit down now reading this, simply open another tab and type in cars for sale and simply Click Here to know more and you will be given tons of choices on where to buy. 

The Arguments

Used cars cost less is number one that goes for buying used. Lower overhead costs like insurance and lower registration fees also come is strong. Depreciation is another argument that gets a lot of people swayed towards the idea that buying used is better. One other argument, which is ridiculous to be quite honest, is that cars from before are sturdier and built more solidly. Then you will see photos of crumpled brand new cars while the old cars that suffered the same fate get just a dent. Well, let us take a look at these reasons and try to refute them one by one shall we?

Cars From Before are Made Of Stronger Materials?

While at first glance this may seem true, the primary reason why newer cars crumple almost like paper is that it is a new safety technology where the car frame act as a major force dissipation buffer around the passenger, taking away the dangerous forces and making them act on the body of the car itself. The cars of today have major “crumple zones” to divert the forces away from the cabin and the occupants of the car. An older car has nothing like this and the forces unleashed during a collision are borne in full force by the passengers of the car instead of the designated crumple zones. Again you can see why the generalization is extremely short-sighted. The idea is to crumple the car so that the passengers will just be hit by the extremely diminished force of the collision.

Lower Overhead Costs?

While it is generally agreed that a used car has lower associated costs when it comes to registration fees and insurance coverage fees, those are not the “overhead” fees that matter since they only happen once every year or depending on where you are once in three years. The costs being tackled here are costs associated with engine repair and maintenance. These “fees” are actually nothing compared to having an engine repaired and brought back to its original performance. The headaches begin right after the warranty expires, right around 5 years after purchase. Think of it as being passed on the headaches and expenses if you are buying a 5-year-old car. If you think about it buying a 6 or 7-year-old car is better, as repairs on major breakdowns have mostly probably already been done on it.

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