What is the Difference between Windshield Pit and Chip?

The windshield of your car can be damaged from any pit, chip, crack and sometimes even a full blown breakage. Below, we have differentiated between a pit and a chip. Have a look!

Windshield pit damage

This type of windshield damage is deemed minor and it is caused by sand or any small debris colliding with your windshield when you drive at high speeds. This windshield damage has no kind of impact on the middle layer of your windshield. A windshield pit may not be that much visible but when you magnify it, it may seem like a tiny crater or tiny scoop out of the surface of your windshield. As the time goes by, a plethora of these pits may cause a huge trouble. Excess pitting can cause a driving hazard and mess with the strength of a windshield. When light hits the windshield affected by pits, the tiny craters transfer the light waves in various directions that also cause distortion and sometimes blinding the driver temporarily.

Windshield chip damage

The chip damage on the windshield is similar to that of a pit. It is also considered a minor damage to the windshield and it looks very similar to a bullseye or a spider web. The chip damage on your windshield can stretch itself into the middle layer of the windshield with ease. Similar to pitting, chip damage can also cause a driving hazard and mess with the strength of your car’s windshield. If your windshield is affected by chips, it can be easily repaired, noting the fact that the tiny cracks never extend out too far. The only method to be sure is to have your windshield inspected and examined by a professional at autoglass repair in Tucson.

What about insurance?

Unluckily, vehicle insurance never covers windshield pitting as it is deemed a normal and minor wear and tear. Windshield pitting cannot be repaired fully, albeit, you may notice many false information on the web that say otherwise. The best practice is to get your windshield replaced. If you possess comprehensive coverage with zero deductibles, then your insurance provider will cover the cost of chip repair. Many insurance companies will also avert the deductible charges for windshield repair.

Repair companies will just require the following information to look after the insurance claims:

  1. VIN
  2. Insurance Policy number
  3. Vehicle make, model, and year
  4. Details regarding the damage (as well as the date of the event)

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