What Are Rock Lights?

You might be a car show enthusiast, or just a regular driver who is looking to upgrade your vehicle. Rock lights are LED lights that enable drivers to see more clearly around their vehicle. Many rock lights are located in the wheel wells, but many drivers use them to see behind them as they back up.

Rock lights don’t have to be functional. Many car enthusiasts who love to modify their cars use rock lighting in a variety colors to make them stand out.

We’ll answer your question about rock lights and offer tips on how to use them to improve your truck, Jeep, or car.

What are rock lights and why do I need them?

Drivers who love off-roading and rock lights are common users. Rock lights are popular among Jeep drivers, ATV, UTV and dirt biker drivers. They provide additional visibility and give their vehicles a sleek appearance. Even if you aren’t in one of these groups, rock lights can be a great way to keep drivers safe at night.

Fog lights and headlights are great for seeing the road at night. Rock lights, however, are installed under the vehicle to allow drivers to see any rocks or debris that could cause damage. The rock lights are exposed to rocks and debris and are made with high-end aluminum. The majority of models are shock-proof and rust-proof as well as dust-proof.

Most rock lights, including ORACLE’s, are controlled via an app. This allows the driver to turn on or off the lights as required. The app also allows the driver to adjust the speed, brightness, or strobe speed. You can wire them to an integrated switch in your dashboard to quickly turn them on, depending on which option you choose.

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