Trying Snowmobile for the First Time? Follow these Tips

So, you have heard about snowmobiling and everything associated with it as an incredible sport. But, not everyone is aware of it. If you are a newbie to all of this or considering to buy one from, we have mentioned some basics below to enlighten you up. Thank us later.

  1. Stay warm

First things first, you will need good snowballing gear to keep the cold at bay. Go with a DOT approved helmet that comes with vents, is warm and has a visor that doesn’t fog up. You will also need snow pants, a snowmobile jacket, balaclava, gloves and another pair if you get wet in the first place, a hat, two pairs of wool socks. The gist is to keep yourself snug and keep the cold at bay.

  1. Get acquainted with the hand signals

Hand signals are the best way to interact with others when you are riding a snowmobile. It is the easiest, most reliable and the safest way. Be sure of all the hand signals as you will only be using your left arm as this is the only arm that will be visible to your fellow snowmobilers.

  1. Know and obey the signs well

When a sign states ‘No snowmobiles’ on a trail, pay heed to it. The sign denotes not to permeate a restricted area or a trail that is closed for access, and there is always a good reason behind it. An orange diamond denotes that you are on a designated trail, blue denotes a trail for cross country skiing and you need to steer clear from it. Paying heed to these signs will keep all the serious accidents at bay.

  1. Look out for other riders

No matter if you are riding solo, in a group, or with a passenger, always keep this tip in your mind. When you are in a group, following your fellow people too closely can cause crashes. These can be dangerous, so always keep some distance. Always ride in a single file when riding in a group and never side by side.

  1. Night riding

Riding during the nights is simply not advisable for the newbies. Also be sure about the headlight, taillight, and brake light of the snowmobile are working fine when you are heading out for a ride. When you are riding, also check them quite often and steer them clear from snow and ice accumulation. Always slow your speed down when riding down at night as animals seem to pop out and you will not have much visibility as you do in the daytime.

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