Top reasons for car battery failure

Many a times you are getting late to reach office and you find that car is not starting, it is upsetting. Also, you discover that the headlights are getting low. Soon you realize that your car battery has become weak or dead. The actual reasons for such failure are identified through Car batteries Toronto.

Before that, you must know that a car battery with proper functioning is a must for starting a vehicle. It ignites the fuel of the car and also generates power in the system. You can find difficulty in starting the car or lights flickering again and again if the battery gets weak.

Below mentioned are the major reasons for car battery failure:

  1. Defective Alternator

The alternator in the car helps in recharging the battery. It gives power to light, air-conditioning, radio and all other basic systems in the car. If the terminal of the alternator is faulty, the result is battery failure. If Due to such terminal, circuit gets charge although the engine is switched off. Thus, in the morning you find that the car is not starting. Soon the battery gets discharged.

  1. When the temperature becomes extreme

Very cold or hot temperature creates lead sulphate in batteries. Car in such extreme conditions will not start as the battery will fail due to sulfate that has build-up. Also, if you drive short distances, the battery may take longer to get charged.

  1. A parasitic form of Drain

As per car batteries Toronto, such drain occurs when even though the key is turned off. The systems in the car still run. There is certain parasitic drain which drains the battery such as poor installation, a defect in the fuse or wiring.

  1. Poor maintenance of the battery

You may at times forget to switch off the headlights which can result in battery failure. This is because overnight your battery drains and ultimately you are not able to start your car. Also while servicing your car with car batteries Toronto, you should keep in mind to get battery cables cleaned and adjusted in a systematic manner. This is because loose battery cables may fail to give adequate power. Hence, they need to get checked.

  1. More amount of short drives

In case you are taking an excessive amount of short drives, there are more chances of battery failure. While starting the car, the battery gives a major amount of power. So you need to give proper time to recharge the battery through the alternator and find out why the battery is dying. Also car batteries Toronto advise you to use a battery charger for restoring the car battery completely.

  1. Battery becomes old

If the car does not start on a constant basis, chances are your battery has become old. Consult car batteries Toronto and replace your battery as it has a limited life.

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