Questions You Should Ask Before Motorcycle Shipping

It does not matter if you wish to move to another state, purchase a vehicle online or decide to sell your motorcycle abroad, because going to another state or country requires plenty of time and money so that you can enjoy all the way.

However, you need to know how the procedure functions so that you can choose wisely the best shipping company that will help you along the way. We decided to present you questions you need to ask shipping company when it comes to transporting your motorcycle or vehicle.

1.Do You Have Registration?

The most important question that you can make at the very beginning of an interview is to ask them whether they feature registration at the Department of Transportation.

The main reason for that is that they will cross the state lines, which means that they require DOT number as well as Motor Carrier number that you can check on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.

The main idea is that if you wish to transport your motorcycle abroad, you have to find a company that features these registrations as well as the Federal Maritime Commission.

2.What Type Of Services Do You Offer?

The transportation industry is not that simple, and it requires an understanding of numerous services that you can use by choosing them. Therefore, some of them tend to operate regionally, while others have restrictions of type and size of vehicle or motorcycle that you can transport.

That is the main reason why you should check out all things that may help you along the way, such as whether they use open or enclosed transport service.

Have in mind that when you are transporting motorcycle interstate, you should get an enclosed solution because open ones are exposed to weather elements. However, you have to pay a more significant price tag for closed one when compared with open trailers.

3.How Much Do Your Services Cost?

It is vital to understand that car transportation rates can vary based on the company you decide to choose as well as other factors. Therefore, you should check prices and estimations with at least three companies so that you can compare them.

At the same time, it is vital to check everything that is included in the cost, because you do not want to get a completely different price afterward due to inability to understand the initial expenses. Most companies will provide you a free estimation, but you have to offer them with comprehensive details of your vehicle as well as destination you wish to go to.

You should also ask whether the price is negotiable and whether you will get discount if you are shipping more than one vehicle or motorcycle at the same time. You can also check sites like because in there you can find the most affordable ways to transport your vehicle with ease.

4.Do They Offer Insurance Coverage?

Having standard motor insurance is not relevant when it comes to transportation across states and country. Therefore, you have to be utterly sure that shipping company you decide to choose to feature an appropriate insurance coverage that will protect your motorcycle.

We recommend you ask them to provide you insurance documents so that you can see the level of coverage and what will happen in case your vehicle is damaged along the road.

If you think that coverage is not sufficient, you should ask them to increase the coverage, which may cost extra, but you will have a peace of mind.

5.Do You Need Documents?

Bringing your car abroad and across the country requires you to have proper documentation. Otherwise, car thieves would be able to take everything, and you cannot prove that anything happened.

Usually, you have to provide insurance and registration documents, but we recommend you to ask a shipping company about details so that you can find all paperwork you need so that they can have legal rights to ship your car with ease.

6.What Should I Do To Prepare Car For Shipping?

Have in mind that under strict regulations, shipping companies cannot move cars that feature household items inside, so they have to make sure that you remove everything from the vehicle before they start with shipping.

At the same time, according to the Department of Transportation, all keys have to be turned over to the mover during the transportation, and you should avoid having more than one-quarter of a gas tank filled, because company will charge you based on weight, and that may lead to new expanses.

7.How Long Does It Take?

This particular answer depends on the company you decide to choose as well as the type of your car and destination you wish for them to reach. Have in mind that with car shipping, delivery time and quotes are fixed, but sometimes things may go wrong.

Generally, coast-to-coast transportation can take up to 14 days, while shorter distances can require a few days of shipment.

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