How to Improve Fuel Efficiency

This is something we all consider sometimes and are not able to come up with very good suggestions. Apart from the make and model of the car that you drive, there are many other ways one can control and improve how much fuel your vehicle uses.  Since there’s really nothing we can do about the price of fuel in the market, from experiences we’ve been involved in, we have some tips for you to help you maximize every single liter of fuel that you buy.

In a nutshell here are some the steps you should take in order to have maximum use of every litre of fuel you buy.

Always make sure your tyres are properly aligned

Drive more slowly and use your brake less

Accelerate gently and gradually

Make sure your tyres are inflated at the right pressure

Visit your car service regularly

Use your air conditioner more sparingly

Get Regular Tune Ups

When your car is in bad shape, you suffer a lot on fuel losses. When every part of your car is running efficiently, it uses less energy, therefore your car consumes less fuel and you’re better for it. Do you know that a bad oxygen sensor can lead you to use up your fuel 40% faster!, yeah it can be that bad. And invariably, when the faulty sensor is changed, fuel efficiency will rise by 40%.

These tunes ups should also include your tyres, so, check that it is at the right pressure, do this every week. Improperly inflated tyres can drop your fuel efficiency by 0.3% for an approximately 1 lb of pressure reduction in your tyres. There are manufacturers recommended pressure, make sure your tyres is always at this pressure point. Those details are usually inscribed on the driver’s door and on your owner’s manual.

Don’t forget to ensure that your wheels are balanced and your tyres aligned sufficiently. Not only does this help improve your fuel efficiency, it helps your tyres last longer, as they will wear more evenly.

Of course for matters relating to tyres, quality matters a lot. So, don’t let Hankook tyres price scare you from buying quality.  If you happen to buy online, and choose where technicians can come and fit it for you. It is all possible with mobile tyre fitting dubai, so no excuse not to buy new tyres.

Drive Smartly  

Over speeding definitely demands more from your car, therefore this is not a very efficient way to drive; there are different fuel economy speeds for different cars, like when the cars seems as if it is coasting. You might have to find out that speed for yourself. However, by the time you’re reaching, 80kmh, you’re getting out of fuel efficiency range of most of most cars.

Accelerate gradually also, not only is it mild on the engines, it give the engine time to get to like settle at a certain speed before then going up. Also braking very often wastes fuel. This is because we’ve already used up some power in creating momentum for the car, when we apply our brakes it just looks as if the amount of fuel used in creating that acceleration has just gone to waste. Anticipate when you’ll need your car to stop, so that you can coast a bit more, and apply your brakes less often.

Use The Right Tyres

Hankook tyres make specially fuel efficient tyres. These tyres come with low rolling resistance, and are lighter, therefore there’s less force needed to turn the tyres.

Finally open windows create drag for your car causing you to use more fuel. A/C also affects your speed. So at low speeds you can keep you windows open, since there won’t be much air resistance. At higher speeds though, close your windows and use you’re A/C, you’ll get more fuel efficiency this way.

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