Car Insurance Do’s and Don’ts for College Student Drivers

Owning a car in college is every student’s dream. But to live that dream, one has to be responsible and abide by all rules. And by rules, we mean to remember the do’s and don’ts of driving>

Things to keep in mind while driving:

To compulsorily wear seat belts.

To follow the speed limit.

To keep a tab on the regular maintenance of the car and to service it accordingly.

To plan in advance long car trips and keep your car stocked with essentials like a road map, stepney tyre and other tools related to it.

To always carry the car related documents in the car like, insurance copy, RC copy, driving license etc.

Things to avoid while driving

Do not drink and drive

Do not engage in activities like eating, drinking or looking at your phone while driving.

Do not play the music so loud that you cannot hear the sirens or any other alerts.

Even the best drivers can make mistakes and there is no guarantee that you will always be safe on the road. Accidents also occur due to the negligence of others and natural factors like, fog, haze etc. also affect the visibility and cause accidents. To financially secure yourself from expenses due to such accidents (manmade and natural). A car insurance policy is a must. This is a mandate from the government plus keeping one, always has its perks.

Popular features of Car Insurance Polices

Third Party Liability Coverage

A third party only or a liability cover pays for the damages done to a third party and their property.

Comprehensive Coverage

This is a popular form of insurance as it covers your car and damages done to a third party. It also covers damages done due to theft, burglary and natural calamities as well. A comprehensive policy has the following features:

  • Own-damage premium (depends on factors like IDV, engine capacity, and vehicle RTO)
  • Third party premium
  • The Premium for personal Accident for Owner Driver
  • Charges for add-ons (additional coverage)

Understanding Car Insurance Policy


Before purchasing an insurance policy, evaluate your add-on covers:

24*7 Road Side Assistance

Zero/Nil Depreciation cover

Engine Protection cover

Check the authenticity and reliability of the insurance company

Check for their reputation for claim settlement and customer service.


Do not look at low-cost coverage.

Avoid making claims for smaller expenses that can be tackled by you. This affects you no claim bonus benefit.

Avoid lapsing your car insurance policy.

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