Be Wary when Purchasing a Used Bike. Here’s Why

Purchasing a used bike may seem like an amazing option. But, sometimes, it is not a valid option at all. Many people tend to buy used bikes from unreliable sources and end up regretting their investment. If you are considering to buy one, always ensure to deal with a reputable source like Performance NC. We have also listed some of the ways on being wary when it comes to purchasing used bikes from unreliable dealers.

Recognize the mechanical issues firsthand

  1. Inspect for oil leaks

Inspect around the engine areas with utmost precision for any oil leaks. If the bike hasn’t been washed clean before, then it is more apparent and easy to find. But if the moto usagé à Sherbrooke is washed immaculately, you need to have a thorough inspection for oil leak.

  1. Rust

The metallic parts of your used bike will catch rust and corrosion as the time goes by. A tiny bit of the corroded surface is all right as it is treatable, but if the rust is deep, then you may need to replace the component as soon as possible. You need to inspect the complete chassis area for any apparent rust marks.

  1. Scratch marks

In metropolitan cities, scratch marks are obvious because of congested driving and parking areas. A scratch anywhere is acceptable but ensure it is not as deep and openly visible as it may ruin the overall look of the bike and may cost you a fortune for repairs.

  1. Bike damaged from a major accident

Many people tend to sell away their bikes after a huge accident and damage happens to the bike. Never be a victim of purchasing such bike. Always inspect the handlebar that it should be straight and should never shake. Also, inspect the chassis for any welding or repairing spots as it is a sure shot sign of quick fix repaired chassis. Inspect the rims of the tire if they look a tad bit bend and the alignment as well.

  1. Check engine

You can turn on the ignition of the bike for any fumes or smoke emitting from it. Also, put an ear out for the engine sound, check if there are any vibrations or distinctive sounding that can determine the health of the engine.

  1. Oil Check

Inspect the engine by eradicating the dipstick. If the oil is dark brown in color and has a rusty feel, then you need to change it pronto. Also inspect the oil level on the dipstick if you have enough oil.

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