How to Ride a Quad Bike Comfortably?

There are quite a number of fast-paced adrenaline sports on four wheels and some might believe that quad biking is also included in that category, but you are wrong. Quad biking is less about speed and adrenaline and more about tactics and skills and coordinating well with your machine. Riding quad bikes are a great fun and if you are seeking for some adventures there are various sites especially dedicated to the quad bikes especially during the winter. But for the mere beginners, who are just learning to ride a quad bike, the key is to ride it comfortably. Read on for the tips for the same.

  1. Make sure you are sitting comfortably.

First things first. The seating position is the first and foremost thing to look after. The quad bikes are real wheel drive, hence, sitting upfront and near to petrol tank if possible is necessary if you disinterested in performing the wheelies. Usually, your crotch area should be in touch with the petrol tank to attain the maximum force of gravity.

  1. Equip yourself in gear

The quad bikes don’t have a clutch that operates manually, but the gears are easy to operate. The up and down electronic buttons on the left of the handlebars are also easy to use. If you get stuck you can use the reverse, it is available in the combination of brake lever and reverse button and then down gears. You will invest most of your time in the second gears on the quad bikes as the first one is deemed to be vicious and would jolt your bike in an instant.

  1. Accelerate your quad bike

The accelerator can be found in a simple thumb lever on the right of the handlebar. The trick to master the quad bike is to use a smooth motion and power up gently. Don’t jerk like a learner driver on the very first day.

  1. Stopping all the fun

In order to stop, use the brake levels. Pull them towards you and your vehicle will halt. The brakes are tantamount to a push or motorbike and it is easy to use. Just a friendly caveat, once you have ridden through the puddles and collected up some mud, they wouldn’t perform well as they do on the first test. There is no need to make any emergency stop but ensure not to tailgate your friend in front.

If you are looking to buy one, here are some road legal quad bikes for sale.

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