Forest Equipment and Fuel Efficiency

Experts say that fuel consumption differs among various kind of forestry equipment. Factor such as machine design, engine technology, and the work methods of the operator explain such differences. Buying the wrong machine for the job can significantly affect fuel consumption.
If you own équipement forestier, you can minimise the impact of increased fuel prices by buying new equipment with low fuel consumption. Also, you must be well-informed on how to maintain and operate your equipment correctly. The following are the factors that affect fuel consumption in forestry equipment:

Engine Power

Diesel engines offer a range of power outputs; however, operate at various degrees of efficiency for every power level. Generally, such engines are most efficient when operated at the speed that lets them establish their maximum torque and use 75 percent of such torque. Engines that are operated in this way tend to consume less fuel.


Hydraulically-driven variable speed fans and thermostatic fans enhance fuel consumption only if the cooling system of the equipment is up to the job. Generally, the fun must be required to work at full speed under any working conditions. Fans which operate continuously at full speed tend to consume 1-2 L/h.

Power Train

It is important for the power train to match the engine capacity for efficient operation. Mechanical transmissions offer a range of gear speeds to allow the operator to decrease engine speed to the lowest speed as necessary. Usually, hydrostatic transmissions are equipped with electronic control. The desired travel speed is signalled by the acceleration pedal to the computer, adjusting the speed of the engine and the flow of fuel. Such an approach reduces fuel consumption.

Hydraulic Systems

How effective a hydraulic system depends on many factors that buyers cannot easily determine. Choosing the wrong mechanical and hydraulic components of the equipment will reduce its efficiency. In general, load-sensing hydraulic systems are the perfect choice for forestry equipment. These systems regulate the pressure and flow of the hydraulic pump to meet the demand of the hydraulic functions of the machine. Ideally, flexible hydraulic hoses that have appropriate diameter must be installed.

Hydraulic Oil Coolers

These coolers must be equipped with a thermostat which allows the oil to warm more rapidly and keep its optimal temperature longer. The kind of oil used affects oil viscosity. An oil that is too thick tends to increase fuel consumption while a too-thin oil can increase wear in components.

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