Are You Interested to Ship Classic Car to a Different City?

If you have a classic car and you want to ship it to another city or state then always go for best and experienced car shipping company. A classic car is a very expensive and unique item, and hence while moving such cars, you must ensure that you are dealing with one of the best and well-known car transport company.

It is very important for you that your car must reach to your destination in absolutely same condition that you left it while handing it over to car shipper. You must know when your car will be collected and then transported. Also, you must know what kind of transport will be used and what measures will be taken during transportation to keep the car well protected.

Having experience of over 35 years in auto shipping business experience, Ship a Car, Inc. is certainly a right company to choose to ship a classic car. They will do the entire legwork, and hence you can just relax while Ship a Car, Inc. will take full care of the classic car.

Having settled about the car shipping company for carrying your classic car the next things to consider are as follows:

  • Insurance cover

Most classic car owners who own classic cars of multi-million dollar cost will have to buy special insurance while transporting them. But most of the classic cars are valued above $100,000 USD which is already the maximum insurance limit for most car carriers.

Therefore, you must deal only with those transporter who specializes in transporting classic cars. These classic car transporters usually have very high value insurance coverage which is from $500,000 to more than $5 million USD.

  • What kind of carrier

Next thing that you need to consider is what type of carrier will be used for transporting your classic cars. Almost all car transporters use open carriers where about 6 cars are usually transported on an open trailer. Usually this is the most common and economical way of transporting the cars.

However, much safer method is enclosed transport where cars will be carried within an enclosed trailer so that it will remain protected from harsh weather of outside. This will be expensive option. Most classic car owners prefer to ship in enclosed trailer.

  • Request for quote

Having discussed with the car shipping company about above issues, you can request them to offer their quote. In case you want that your car be dropped at your place when you reach to your new address, then additional charges are to be paid.

Also, in case your classic car battery gets discharged then in that case the transporter also needs to make arrangement for battery to start your classic car.

  • Document the car condition

Although the shipping company will make a detailed report about the condition of your classic car, when you are going to hand them over, you must also take enough number of photographs of your classic car from different sides as an extra proof about the condition of the car.

Both your photographs and the report will be useful for you when you receive your car back at your new address.


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